Friday, September 24, 2010

Laundry Room Redo

Earlier this year our dryer (which was fairly old) decided it was time to retire.
I took this opportunity to pick out some new pretty red front end loaders for my laundry room, which turned into a bit of a redo for the whole space.

I absolutely love my little laundry room now!
{it just makes me happier to do laundry. :) }

Here's the After:

Here's the Before:

Let's take a look at how this transformed.....
Here's how the framing around the washer and dryer started. We also had to put down concrete backer board before we put the tile down.

See the space between the washer and dryer... I wanted to have my trash can there for lint etc.

 So we found a pre-made 10 inch cabinet that fit perfectly in between the two (knobs from Hobby Lobby) and I just painted it black!
 Here is the slate tile that we picked out from Lowes. They were 1 inch tiles that came in 12 inch squares.
{note: the pretty colors of the slate come out after you have it installed and apply a sealant on top}

On the other side of the room we had this small little cutout that originally just had a folding shelf right in the middle of the two walls. Total waste of space and pretty ugly. My husband and I worked on this built in and it turned out great. All the shoes are stacked neatly under the bench and the hooks are used for coat, backpacks etc.
 {Who am I kidding, I have two boys and a husband. Shoes are never stacked neatly under there, but at least I can stuff them under the bench with ease and get them out of the way for the most part. heehee. note: this is why you can only see up to the bottom of the bench in this picture. :) }

 As you can tell the room is pretty small, but I think this change has made it seem so much bigger. Before we just had the space on top of the washer and dryer to use to fold laundry or set things on as we walked in the door. Now the total counter space is approx. 65x34 inches.
Huge difference!

The slate tile counter top turned out EXACTLY like I envisioned from the beginning and is beautiful. This room is a walk through from our garage to our kitchen and happens to be where most of our company follows us into the house anyway, so I'm very happy to have a nice organized space.

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  1. Luv, luv, luv this idea!...where did you find your 10" cabinet?...I can only find a 12" and i would need an 8".

  2. @MissyAKATink, We just found the cabinet at our local Lowes store. They had the premande cabinets in stock. Hope that helps!

  3. This is beautiful! We have the exact same washer and dryer and looks like the same laundry room too! Going to try to convince my man to do this :-)

  4. Thanx Urban Daisies! Ive convinced mine but im still in search of my Home Depot only has the premade in 12" and neither Lowes or menards have them as soon as i get one made im on it.

    1. Many cities have "reuse" stores, which ate like a thrift store but for fixtures, doors windows, cabinets... Home stuff. Maybe you can find on there.

    2. I found a cute little white one at hobby lobby! It was 10inches

    3. hobby lobby..really?..maybe they have it online..would luv to see a pic

  5. We are building in our washer/dryer too and we can't figure out how to vent the dryer and have enough slack if we have to move the dryer out. I just saw your post, how did you vent yours? Thanks for your help. You can email me ( since I don't have one of the accounts listed below

  6. I am doing the same thing, but using pipe fittings as legs. What height is the countertop? I am trying to decide, so I make sure that I can pull the machines out, if necessary, without damaging the countertop

  7. maybe I missed this but what kind of adhesive did you use on your tiles, I now have something new for my "Honey Do" list

  8. Answers to a few of your questions: The counter top was litterally just above the top of the washer and dryer. we had them in place and built the counter to size around them. I would suggest doing that as all brands are going to be slightly different heights. Also, the adhesive for the tiles was just tile grout found at Lowe's along with the tile as well. The dryer vent we had gave us enough slack to be able to pull it out. May just need to pick up a new one that hasn't been shortened yet.

  9. My wife showed me this on Pinterest and I really like it. It will be my winter project. It looks like plywood underneath the backerboard-can you tell me how thick is sheet you used?

  10. This is wonderful! We are in the process of entertaining plans for adding a small room and laundry to our home. This is gorgeous for a small space and terrific use of space. Love it!

  11. Thank u so much for sharing this.....we have the ugliest laundry room that was in.serious need of revamping with a little nudge of inspiration from Ur updo we were able to make the laundry room my favorite place in the house.... I love to do laundry now!!

  12. Looks great! My husband is going to do the same to my laundry room. How did you attach the tiles on the front edge of shelf? They look like they are just floating. How did you finish the edge?

  13. Is the countertop sitting right on top of the washer/dryer, or are they supported/attached to the wall?? I've read about the possibility of the counter bowing in the middle, but I guess with yours having the pre-made cabinetry in the middle that isn't a problem.

  14. I never comment on blogs but I absolutely LOVE THIS!! thanks for the tip!!


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