Saturday, November 27, 2010

My "Go-to" Christmas Gift This Year...

I tend find a "go-to" gift each year that I like to give as Christmas gifts.
Last year, my "go-to" gifts were Scentsy candle warmers.
I absolutely love these things! I have several in my house and they are frequently on.
If you don't have one of these, I'd highly recommend trying one.
Find a consultant in your area at
{My favorite scents: Hemingway, Cinnamon Bear, Welcome Home, & Olive Wood & Cypress.}

Anyway, my "go-to" gift this year comes from a local shop that has now been seen all over the country!
They have many items that are already put together, or you can create your own custom necklace or bracelet.
And layer it up as much as you want.
They are all made in the shop and hand stamped.
Here are just a few of the necklaces that I have so far.
I've got some custom orders coming in within the next week and am excited to hand them out for Christmas!

A little teacher gift....

Go check out their website and their blog!
Great personalized gifts!
{Note: Christmas orders at The Vintage Pearl do have to be in by Dec 3!)


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Glittery Stuff....

After watching Miss Mustard Seed's glitter tutorial, I knew I had to try out the German glass glitter she talked about. 
I happened to find a small bottle of light blue German glass glitter at a local shop and snatched it up. When I got home I did a little glitter comparison. I had on hand some glitter paint, regular glitter, and my new glass glitter. OH MY GOODNESS..... the glass glitter is amazing!!!
The beauty of it is truly something you have to see in person. It simply catches the light in the most perfect way. And have you ever touched something with regular glitter only to have glitter all over you for the rest of the day?? This glitter does not do that.
The only drawback... it can be a little pricey. {Although I think it's well worth the extra you pay for it}
I just received a few ounces of silver that I had ordered
and I've got a slew of things that I'm ready to create with it!
Here are a few little things I've made so far....

So pretty! LOVE this stuff....
And just in time for decorating for Christmas!


Music Sheet Bows

While I had the music sheets and hot glue out I figured I'd try to make some of these bows for my upcoming Christmas wrapping. I've seen them made with old book pages and even old magazines.

I know there's many different ways to make bows like this, but here's a quick tutorial of how I made mine:

First cut some 3/4 inch strips from some sheet music.
You will need:
3 ~ 8.5 inch strips, 3 ~ 7 inch strips & 1 3 inch strip.

I twisted them around to make these shapes and hot glued them into place.
{note: you could also use double stick tape, glue dots, staples or whatever you have on hand}

Start assembling by taking the 3 larger ones and gluing them into a shape like this:

Continue with the second row and then the 1 smaller loop in the middle.

I chose some simple kraft brown paper and some twine to go with my bow.
And there you have it, simple and unique wrapping for the holidays or any occasion!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Music Sheet Christmas Tree Tutorial

Today I made one of these cute little music sheet trees.
Here's a little tutorial to make one of your very own.
It's very simple really.....
What you will need is a styrofoam cone, some sheet music, scissors and a hot glue gun.

First off, I cut the music in 2 inch strips.

 Then took the strips and curled them a bit. 
{I used the end of a wooden spoon and that seemed to work well}
Then I cut slits all alog the bottom about halfway up.

Take these pieces and hot glue them around the cone.
One row at a time.

Keep going till you get to the top!
It's really that easy....
Although I think it may need something at the top.
I haven't thought of anything yet.
What do you think?
Any ideas??

Need some free sheet music for the project??
I have a page here you can download and print (8.5x11).
It looks best on some sort of antique or ivory finish paper to make it look a little vintage. Enjoy!

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

50's style party

Every year my daughter's school finds a neat way around letting the kids dress up as anything scary for their Halloween party.  I love the effort her little school goes through to make such fun experiences for the kids.   Even though I wind up buying two costumes because she's usually already chosen and had me order something else before we find out the school's theme....I have to admit I didn't mind one bit this year because this year they declared.... 50's style.  How FUN!!  Of course we had to order this cute poodle skirt from Etsy. And these over sized glasses from Party America or whatever their latest name is.
The party lasted all day with different activities throughout the day.  They did everything from face painting, to playing games and working on crafts that was to be used for their big surprise finale.  The finale and the highlight of the day was a surprise drive in movie.  They turned their entire classroom into one big drive in movie and watched Toy Story 3.  They made the cutest cars out of card board boxes, complete with snack trays, and their own personalized licensed plates and their own drivers license. 

The kids enjoyed movie popcorn and snacks that they kept in their snack trays attached to the side of their cars.  So cute and creative.
 The kids thoroughly enjoyed this as well as the parents.  My wheels are already spinning on how to incorporate this fun idea into a future birthday party, or even just a fun backyard drive in summer movie night.  :)


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