Thursday, September 16, 2010

Homecoming Cheer Poster

Remember the days when you bought a poster board and the only other things you needed were some markers and stickers and it was really cool to know someone that could do bubble letters....

Well, those are now the dinosaur days.

Now we make posters with Bling, ribbons, tulle, PHOTOSHOP LETTERS (my personal favorite since I can't stand my own handwriting) and did I mention BLING.
There is so much bling on this poster.  Even the football stitching has it! :)



  1. All 3 of my daughter's are in cheer. Last year was a disaster when it came time to make the homecoming posters. I have not a creative bone in my body. This year I have done a little more looking around with zero success of finding any ideas. Until I came across your blog and saw the posters above. It gave me more of an idea of things I could do. (Not copy yours) but just ideas in general. Like the using of ribbon, etc. I think the posters are fantastic, thank you so much for sharing. Let's see if I can pull this one off this year. Thanks again!

  2. Love it! thanks for the ideas!!! Having a proud mommy w glitz glam and balls day ....for us all to work on our homecoming posters while the kiddies are at school..:) wish us luck! (we need it)

  3. Yay finally a great idea...something to go off of!Thanks thanks thanks!!!


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