Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is the crafting bug passed down?

I've always dreamed of having a daugther that would appreciate and enjoy crafting as much as I do. I've envisioned spending hours of quality time working on our various projects, shopping for fun finds to "fix up", and simply enjoy sharing each others fun ideas that we find on our favorite blogs.
Up until this weekend I've tried letting the girls "help" only to find myself redoing everything they've done or just putting off whatever I'm working on until they are fast asleep. 
Well, my heart floweth over this weekend when Brynley runs into the room (of course it's two minutes before we are walking out the door.  I guess she got her mother's "let me fit one more thing in" bug too!) with a pair of flip flops and a bag of leftover water balloons claiming she saw this cool idea to tie balloons on flip flops and she's GOT to make a pair herself.  Because I was trying to get us all out the door for lunch at my grandmothers, I tell her she'll just have to bring it with her to work on at Grandmas.  She does, and proceeds to work on it in the car all the way there.  She even recruited her little sister to be her Assistant to hand her each balloon.  How cute is that.  She was even super patient when her assistant proceeeded to tease her with handing over Every Single Balloon.  She happily played along and finished her cute little flip flops.  Her big smile showing her finished project was priceless and I must say, it made this momma the proudest mom I could be. 
I have little crafters afterall! :)


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