Monday, August 24, 2009

Fancy Nancy Cake

How to make your own Fancy Nancy Cake.
First, I had a bakery make a simple two layer cake. I'm not a great baker so this saved me quite a bit of work. Plus, they don't charge you much at all so this is actually one of the cheaper cakes I've ever done. I really wanted three layers, but that's a lot of cake, so I stuck to two.

Next, I added ribbon. I simply placed the ribbon around the cake and taped it together in the back. I did two layers of ribbon to give extra pizazz. Of course adding a big fake diamond embellishment for extra bling.
I then added a feather boa around the bottom, and cut a little off to stick on the top. Added a fake crown to the top layer, then added the mesh butterflies. The 2 (below) is just made of stock paper. And.....Then the for the finale...I added the plume feathers on top and voila.

The fanciest cake on the block. A few tips. Make sure the cake is very cold. Since this cake turned out to be bigger than what my refrigerator could hold, I practiced the night before. Took a picture, then put it back together right before the party. When the cake is warm, the butterflies were wanting to droop and fall out.


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