Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fun With Photoshop

As you may already have read in an earlier post we have become addicted to Photoshop.  I can't do anything without it now.  Sometimes I get busy and post photos that have not been edited, but then it keeps me up at night.  So, I've made a new vow to be better.  I sat down this weekend and figured out how to use some cool new actions I recently loaded on my computer.  These are my favorite newest ones.
(I think this is called a money shot.  Notice the water perfectly lapping our title.  That was luck not photoshop :) )
I LOVE the color boost in this one along with the burnt edges. This is so much more fun then loading the dreadful unedited photos!!!

You can download free Photoshop actions at Coffeeshop Photography.


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