Thursday, January 14, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking

We have been busy little girls working feverishly on our family's 2009 photo books.  Each year we both create a scrapbook of the year's highlights.  This year we taught ourselves Photoshop and vowed to do all of our scrapbooking digitally.  Wow, how addictive can one program really be.  It's insane! 
Just like the old fashion way of scrapbooking, it's so hard to come up with ideas for pages. 
My partner in crime is so darn creative.  I love all her stuff and even bring my attempted pages to her to fix.  Here is my favorite one and a few others to get your own creative juices flowing.

To get started on your own addiction here are a few sites that we have gotten all our kits from:  Several on Shabby Princess are actually free too!
Shabby Princess
Designer Digitals
Shabby Princess also has a very handy photo shop tutorial that is extremely helpful that will show you step by simple step how to create your pages.
For printing, we have had several books printed with Shutterfly and have been very pleased with how they turn out. It's so easy to just drop your pages into a book and order.


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