Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just a few Halloween Decorations.....

A few of my Halloween Decorations!
{one of my favorite holidays to decorate for...}
Below is a shot of my dining room table.

Since we have a table in the kitchen area too, this room is really used soley for decoration. And is the first room you see when you walk into my house.
{So, no we don't eat at this table.... or I wouldn't be piling all of this stuff on it! ha!}

Let's take a closer look....

The book below was just an old book I had that I covered with kraft paper. I then used some rub on letters from my scrapbooking stash to add "book of spells" on the spine. (the black lines were just made with a sharpe marker).

The little Halloween figurines were inspired by this post from the Room to Inspire blog.
Found these two figurines at the Dollar Tree. And grabbed my can of Ivory spray paint.

Spray Painted these dudes.... then grabbed my burnt umber acrylic paint and just painted and wiped and painted and wiped etc till it looked like I wanted.

Here's how they turned out!

{notice my Dollar Tree black crow as well...}
And there you have it!
Who says you can't decorate on a budget. The pumpkins, skeleton jar, figurines and black crow were all from the Dollar Tree and I've shown you how to spruce them up! (Trick or Treat sign I got from Hobby Lobby last year). 


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