Thursday, November 4, 2010

50's style party

Every year my daughter's school finds a neat way around letting the kids dress up as anything scary for their Halloween party.  I love the effort her little school goes through to make such fun experiences for the kids.   Even though I wind up buying two costumes because she's usually already chosen and had me order something else before we find out the school's theme....I have to admit I didn't mind one bit this year because this year they declared.... 50's style.  How FUN!!  Of course we had to order this cute poodle skirt from Etsy. And these over sized glasses from Party America or whatever their latest name is.
The party lasted all day with different activities throughout the day.  They did everything from face painting, to playing games and working on crafts that was to be used for their big surprise finale.  The finale and the highlight of the day was a surprise drive in movie.  They turned their entire classroom into one big drive in movie and watched Toy Story 3.  They made the cutest cars out of card board boxes, complete with snack trays, and their own personalized licensed plates and their own drivers license. 

The kids enjoyed movie popcorn and snacks that they kept in their snack trays attached to the side of their cars.  So cute and creative.
 The kids thoroughly enjoyed this as well as the parents.  My wheels are already spinning on how to incorporate this fun idea into a future birthday party, or even just a fun backyard drive in summer movie night.  :)


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