Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Costume - Tutu Witch

Need a super cute & unique witch costume for Halloween?
This one is simple to make and inexpensive!

{I wish I had a cute little model to show off how darling
 this actually looks on, but my little boy just wasn't up to the task -  
I even bribed him with candy and that didn't work.
Poor thing, guess I can't blame him....}

You'll need some ribbon, elastic, and at least two rolls of tulle (6 inches wide).

Elastic was cut about 16 inches long, and ribbon on each side was cut about 26 inches long. (these can be longer or shorter depending on how big you are making this.)
I stitched the ribbon on to each side of the elastic.

I sewed a third piece of ribbon that was cut about 50 inches to the middle in a "V". This will be the halter straps.

Then just cut strips of tulle for the tutu. They will need to be double the length you want it to be because you will fold them in half and tie onto the elastic. I tied two pieces together at a time.

Add a strip of green ribbon around the waist and safety pin a flower in the middle of the neckline.
(All of the ribbon just ties in a bow in the back)

All you need to finish the costume is a witch hat, and some striped leggings or tights!


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  1. So, I'm definitely using this idea as inspiration for MY Halloween costume! Tell me, really, when does a girl (or woman) ever stop wanting to wear a tutu?!?


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