Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Candy Necklace

Here is a different take on candy necklace. I made this for my son's preschool class for little party favors for their Halloween Party. They turned out so cute and very easy to do!

I grabbed a roll of clear cellophane from the craft store and cut about 6 inch wide strips. Place you choice of candy, treats or other goodies in the cellophane. Then just wrap it up and tie each section off with some ribbon.
I used:
little bags of pretzels
fruit snacks
a Halloween stamp ($1 spot at Target)
eyeball gumballs
& of course some candy corn packets.
You can use anything!
(Note: you may need to use two strips of cellophane for each necklace to make it long enough. Just overlap them in between one of the sections)


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