Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall decorations...

I love decorating for fall. All of the colors are so warm
and inviting. It just makes me want to light a fire and
cuddle up in my pj pants.
Maybe read a book and take a nap.

Then I wake up from my daydream to break up
a fight between the kids and holler at the
dog to quit barking at the wind again...
One of these days though.

Most of theses decorations are from my favorite
craft store Hobby Lobby.

The top left is a shot of my fireplace mantel.  It has alot going on with the rock already so I just put a simple fall berry garland across and a few little pumpkins.  The black crow was a clearance find, but had totally ugly navy ribbon on it so I switched it to black and orange.  Seriously, since when did black and navy become a pair again??

The scarecrow was put up in our TV console by my 4 yr old.  Looked just as good as anything I could do with it so it stayed.

The white pumpkin is artificial and I just added "Boo" with a sharpe marker. {I just might have kinda copied by partner-n-crime "A" on this one. :-) } I plan to just turn it around after Halloween and just have a white pumpkin for fall.

The candy jar I filled with Halloween m&m's and printed one of these neat bottle labels and used double sticky tape to stick it on. {My favorite new thing this year.}

And that's all folks.
Happy Fall Ya'll!!


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