Monday, October 26, 2009

Craft Room

I love looking at how people have their craft rooms organized and how pretty everything is. Let's be honest, not everyone has an extra room in their house just for crafts.
When we moved into our new house several years ago, I had one major request... I wanted a scrapbook/craft area. I do have to double it as a guest room when we have guests though so I don't have a full craft room, but I love it anyway.
Notice we had this really weird shaped window area to work with. If we had put a piece of furniture on that wall it would have totally blocked the window off. So my husband built me a custom work area. I drew out a big long skinny "U" shape plan and he put it all together. I slapped a coat of white paint on it all, and that was that!
Nope it's not as fancy as some of these very custom rooms, but it is perfect for me and what I use it for. {And a heck of a lot more inexpensive I'm sure!}

See this really weird shape we had to work with?
I have my sewing machine setup on one end which is super handy to not have to pack up when it's not being used.

The desk was made out of plywood and trimed out with 2x4's all the way around. The legs are also from the hardware store, just premade legs. All of the shelving is premade as well. We bought the 12" closet shelving, premade wooden brackets and finished out underneath
with more 2x4's for support. Notice, my work area is pretty narrow. I think it's only about 28" deep, so I've tried to use as much wall storage as possible.

These ribbon jars are not only functional but pretty as well. I needed an easy way to store all my ribbon where I could see what I have. I just bought a case of mason jars from the grocery store, and spray painted the lid silver. {Note: I left the middle circle out of the lid and just screwed the rim on the jar. So it looks like there are lids, but there really aren't. Makes it alot easier just to grab what you need.}

More pictures of the storage. Black photo storage boxes, baskets, and magazine holders for all my idea books.

This utensil holder was something that my husband made as well and I had gotten the idea from a magazine. It was just 2 2x4's made into a "T". He cut out 4 circles and I bought some inexpensive glasses to drop in. Very handy to have everything right there in front of you while your working, but off the table and out of the way.

More storage solutions... I found these silver salt shakers at the Dollar Store one day. Took the lids off and used them for storage.

Look everywhere for things you can use!

This is one of my bulletin boards in the room. I have several sets of stamps. And unless you have them out everyday it's hard to remember what you even have. Most of these were bought from Stampin' Up so I made a copy of the sets I have out of their catalog and posted them on my bulletin board and now I know exactly what all I have stored away!

This little cabinet was a garage sale find by my Mom. It was originally just an old wooden box used for spices. She grabbed it for a dime and gave it to me and said you can find something to do with this. And, yes I did.

I turned it on it's side, added a small little shelf inside, and a black drawer knob on the outside. Painted it all white and hung it on the wall. It's perfect for all of my "little" storage, like ink pads misc stamps, paint, etc. {Like I said, look everywhere for things you can use for creative storage.}
This is back in the corner of the desk. I have enough room to keep my cutting mat out which was another important thing for me.

And there you have it. A peek inside my Craft Area. {I'll be honest and say that it doesn't always look as tidy as this. And really, if it did then no one would ever believe that I actually use it. :) }

So what do your craft areas look like? Are there things that you love that you just can't live without?


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  1. Your Craft room looks GREAT too! It looks like it works perfectly too. Pretty & functional...what more can you ask for? :)


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