Friday, July 8, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are...Halter T-Shirt Dress

Thought I would share another cute version of the T shirt Halter dress we've already featured.  This dress pattern from Here is my favorite because there are endless options.  I know I originally said this was so difficult to make because t-shirt material is hard to sew.  But after trying again and reading the helpful hints in the instructions (a little trick called starch), this one went much smoother.  I will definitely be making more!!  Here's a "Where the Wild Things Are" version that I made using a men's T-shirt found at Walmart.  
This little cutie's favorite book is Where the Wild Things Are so her entire birthday party centered around this theme.  I'll have to post the most adorable party favor her mom made for everyone in a later post.
The animal print is from a pair of leggings my daughter grew out of.  I'm pretty sure they were from Target. 
 Here's a closeup of the pocket.  The wording was on the back of the T.  I just hand stitched it on with coordinating yellow thread.
I do have one confession...I love using ruffles at the bottom, but I've never sat down long enough to learn how to make them.  I'm so impatient!!  So, I save outgrown clothing that already have ruffles on them.  Cut the ruffle off and sew on the dress.  It makes this dress so easy and so fast too!  I whipped this one up in less than an hour.  Pretty cool for my limited crafting time.  Love it!!!!


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