Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vintage Baby Shower

Loved, Loved, Loved this shower!  It was so fun to put together.
Here's the invite....
 The Table...
It's so great to have best buds that have cool stuff you can borrow.  My "partner in crime" and I have the same taste so when I needed stuff for this shower, I was able to raid her stuff so I didn't have to pull everything off my shelves and from around my house.  It worked out MORE than perfect. :)



  1. Your table looks just beautiful. So nice to meet you ladies.

  2. This is lovely!! Such a unique turn from the regular cutsie baby shower decor.. My absolute favorite is the birdcage<3


  3. Just LOVE your baby shower vintage bird theme decorations! Where did you find the bird cage? I'm planning the same theme for my sister's baby shower and am looking all over the place for a vintage bird cage like this one. Would love to know your secret! :) Thanks


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