Sunday, October 3, 2010

Non-Scary Halloween Decor

It's that time of year again.  My challenge in decorating for Halloween is to make it the least scary I can make it.  Two little girls who don't sleep through the night in the first place, I certainly don't want to add anything that can give them more excuses to find their way into our bed.  Please don't judge. :)
Love these trees I found last year at HL.  Added the cute little animal print spider I found at Pier One.
Cute scarecrow family of 4.
A friend emailed me a Halloween mantel and I just had to steal the hanging spider idea.  Too cute!
This one is subject to much discussions with our 3 year old.  She's very upset that this witch could be smashed under the couch.  We may have to put this one away and try again next year.
Love these cute Halloween balls I found at I think Marshalls.  Still trying to find some other fun things to add to all the other glass jars that are not candy related.  More to come on that later.
Last but certainly not least.  Our beloved Charlotte makes another appearance this year.  Adorned with of course a cute Halloween bow.
Happy Halloween!!


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