Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My favorite birthday gift to give and get

My all time favorite go to gift idea right now is cute Pj's and a good book.  I not only love giving this as a gift, But I also love when the girls get it as well.  Parent's appreciate this gift so much because it's not just another toy that's quickly put aside after 5 minutes of play.  What's more fun than to snuggle up in some cute pj's and read a good book together.  I've given this exact gift so many times.
One set of Fancy Nancy PJ's 

Paired with the Fancy Nancy Pajama Day book.....
And Voila!  The most fabulous (which is a fancy word for great) most appreciated birthday gift ever. Occasionally I've found a cute sleep mask or some cute fluffy slippers to throw in as well.

The best thing about this idea is that it is such a versitile idea.  For a recent boys gift I found How to Train Your Dragon Pj's and paired it with a How to Train Your dragon book. For this gift I had also found a wooden sword and shield set that I put with it.  Talk about one happy little boy!  He loved it. 


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