Monday, October 11, 2010

Gift Idea for the Busy Mom

I spend countless hours trying to find just the right gifts for friends and family.  I find great joy in giving the perfect gift.  Doesn't have to cost a ton, it just has to match the person's personality as well as their needs at the time.  I recently struggled with a gift for a very close friend of mine because I wanted it to be even more than perfect.  She's going through a lot just losing her mother and now is having to take care of her father who is very sick.  With two young girls of her own, she's basically keeping up two households. So, with all that said, I came up with this.
This adorable apron found here.
 a popular slow cooker cookbook found anywhere and everywhere.

and since another good friend went in with me, we also had the budget for an awesome crockpot as well so she could whip up tasty meals and leave at her dads. 
I had envisioned opening the box and putting the apron, and cookbook in it with a couple of wooden spoons, but timing wise, it just didn't work out.  The gift was a hit regardless. 


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