Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ultimate Movie Night Gift Basket

Need a quick and easy universal gift idea that's perfect for any age? Try an Ultimate Movie Night Basket. You can modify this gift to fit any age from Disney movies for the itty bitty ones, or old time movie classics for the great big oldie ones.
Start with a basket of your choice. This little masterpiece is for an avid OSU fan so I selected an orange basket.
Add some super comfy PJ's.
Select the perfect movies. This little guy (I still think he's little, but he's actually 10) has every current movie imaginable. So I selected some age appropriate classics that every kid needs to see.
Some tasty movie candy.
Of course movie popcorn. I didn't have much time, but I usually find bags of caramel popcorn, but microwave works great too when you are in a hurry.
Add some tissue paper, cute ribbon, and a fancy card and you are done with your very own Ultimate Movie Night present.
What's so great about this is you can get creative as you want. I've done a scaled down version for teacher gifts as well. Sometimes if you don't know PJ sizes, you could add a soft blanket, or if you can't decide on what movies, put in movie theater tickets. The possibilities are endless.
Let us know if you have other cute possibilities. We love hearing new ideas we can use.
Have fun!!


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  1. Fun! Curious--where did you get the orange basket from?


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