Friday, September 25, 2009

Bandana Dresses Part 2

Another spin on these adorable bandanna dresses. These straps are a little different. For example, these straps are sewn to the front and tied in the back.
I love this version because you can tie a big fancy bow in the back.
I added a little bit of fancy embellishment to the front. I would like to give you the impression that I have such neat ideas and that I thought to just add this to make it look that much cuter, but what really happened was I hate reading directions and so I didn't and messed up my stitching when I sewed the ribbon to the front. I didn't make a fancy Z pattern as suggested in the directions. Nope, I just sewed crazy lines back and forth and back and forth and it looked hideous. So, I ran to my favorite store Hobby Lobby and purchased this life saving rose ribbon. Sewed it right on and voila, covered up my very ugly zig zag pattern that I'm infamous for. Turns out, I love this added feature and purchased more to added to all my other ones I plan to make in the future.
I couldn't resist making this red one with zebra ribbon. Isn't animal print so fabulous.


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