Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Halloween Costumes

For all you fellow crafty parents out there, I know how hard it is to find orignal costumes that are not your typical run of the mill costumes that you see every other kid that comes to your door wearing. Then if you have multiple kids, how fun is it to make their costumes match or make sense together. With that said, it's easiest when they are young and you can talk them into anything. The older they get, the more opinionated they get and then actually want to have a say in what they are going to be. Argh. Just drives the type A moms CRAZY.

This was last years.....

Elephant & Peanut
(I actually sewed pink bows on to make sure everyone knew they
were a girl elephant and a girl peanut, but that was last minute and I didn't get that pic.)

This is what I really wanted to do this year.

Little Bo Peep, and her little lost sheep.
(these are not my kids BTW. But they are cute)

But, after many hours of Halloween catalogs and online shopping, my once easily convincible 5 year old, now wants to be this.

Her daddy is on her side. He makes a good point in the world of ICarly, and Hannah Montanna, this will be the last year she will still want to be our little princess. So, yes, I've given up and given in.

Oh, and this is the other one.

So yes, my sweet little ones will now be yet another two in the sea of millions of other little princess that bless our streets every Halloween.

I love Halloween.


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