Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shabby Bedroom

I just realized I've never blogged about Brynley's room.  Since her middle name is Rose, I have always felt that she's a soft shabby chic kind of girl accented by roses.  And since she's now decided she does not like pink, I'm slowing working on transitioning things to blue or turquoise.  So, here's a few shots of her not much longer pink room.
 Bed:  Land of Nod
Bedding:  Rachel Aswell, Target
Accent pillows are MIA.  I make her make her bed herself and she claims all the pillows are too much work so she actually hides them from me so she doesn't have to put them all on.
I'm also comissioning a painting now to go over her bed.  :)  (that's a really fancy word for I bought a 1/2 off canvas from Hobby Lobby and I've asked a relative who can paint really well to copy a very expensive art piece that I found. :)  It's a big rose basically and yes it's going to be pink.
 I made this framed B piece myself.  I found the wood "B" on ebay and then found a fancy frame at Hobby Lobby and painted it pink.  Just added fabric and ribbon to some wood with the B on top and popped it into the frame.  The Rose knobs are from Anthropology and are the perfect match to this room.



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  2. I am completely smitten with this room I am really considering redecorating my daughters' room!!



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