Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Roller Skating Birthday Party

Party time again...
After googling Skating Parties, and visiting all my favorite party blogs, I realized there are not a ton of ideas on roller skating parties.  I felt on my own and that I would actually have to resort to using my own creativeness.  I must say, I've gotten quite spoiled to finding cute ideas online.  I felt a little bit in a panic.  So, I buckled down and put my creative juices to work.  It all started with this fun image of these cute roller skates I found online.  Used it to photoshop this invite below.
Thus, establishing the colors.  Purple, Pink & Green.
Next, I created these matching cupcake tags.
To be put on these cute little cupcakes in coordinating colors...
Then I made a larger matching cupcake tag for the birthday girl's cupcake. I had this scallop shape that my partner in crime found online.  I printed it to the size I needed then just used it as a guide to cut out the purple paper stock.
Next up, birthday girl's matching attire.  I couldn't find exactly what I wanted so I chose to make her shirt myself so I could match it to the party colors.  Can't help myself when it comes to animal print.  Had to add it.  I might be slightly addicted to animal print. :)
Here's a close up.  I simply cut out coordinating fabric pieces and stitched them onto the shirt.  The purple bows are ribbon that I put a stitch on and then tied in a knot.
For the party favors we decided on extra large pixie sticks.  I usually stray away from too much candy, but we handed these out for Halloween and it was so fun seeing how much kids faces light up when you hand them one.  It's my new go to candy to hand out to "other kids."  Sadly and I hear about it often, but my own poor, poor kiddos have only eaten maybe two themselves.  Anyway, I digress....I then tied on a glow in the dark bracelet, zany band rings, and of course the thank you tag.
Here's are the tags themselves.  Feel free to print and borrow.  I fully intended to have Brynley sign them to add a personal touch, but that did not happen. 
To complete the party...Add a cute little sister in a matching shirt.
And a few great friends....
What more could a sassy 7 year old girl ask for? 
I Loved putting this party together.  I know we say that about every single party, because we secretly would love to be party planners for little kids birthday parties, but this was a neat one to put together.  The Skating center is available for private parties so we were able to take over the whole place and they even played our own music for us that we brought on the Ipod.  We played red light green light and danced to a few line dance songs to close the party.  From the kiddos to even us bigger kiddos, we all had a great fun time.  Brings back so many memories strapping on a pair of roller skates. :)



  1. Hi April. My name is Jenny Collier and I own SKATES. My friend, Amanda Hale, sent me this link (hope you don't mind). The party turned out adorable!

  2. Just blogged about going roller skating with my girls and had to feature your party. Check out the post at

  3. Where did you get those cute skates? I am also trying to plan a skate party for my Baylee (I also have a Brynlee - love that name) and I can not find cute skates anywhere. This is my first time to your blog - so cute!

  4. Thanks so much for featuring us Corey!

    TewSquared - I googled roller skates on the Images feature. Then I photoshopped the pic down to just the skates to be used on the invite and cupcake toppers.

  5. Please Check E-mail! I'm in need of these adorable Invitations.


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