Thursday, March 18, 2010

Book Page Wreath and Eggs

So I saw this awesome wreath on tatertots and jello.
Gotta have one!
 And she actually has an awesome tutorial on exactly how to do it.
So I grabbed a book from the dollar store, a circle for the wreath, and some old plastic Easter eggs we had and started modge-podging (yes I used that word that I made up again).
Got the first one finished and was thinking how cool this is going to look.
But it was taking a little longer than I expected.
I figured it would go faster as I go along.
By the 3rd egg I had been sitting there for about 45 minutes.
And I'm thinking, how in the world did this lady seriously do all 50 or so she needed for the wreath. It must have taken her a week. Either that or I'm in serious need of some modge podging skills.
Needless to say, I ended up with 6 eggs completed in total.
They are awesome and I love them, but I still didn't get the wreath I wanted. :(
So, I put them in a jar...
Still cute, but certainly not a wreath.
Then I saw this idea here.
 Love it!!
Ok, I can surely roll up paper and glue it on right?
Surely I can!
And I'm off to work on my wreath.....


1 comment:

  1. i think the EGG Wreath tutorial/photo was using a smaller size egg than the ones in the glass jar. Also, dipping the paper pieces in a saucer of slightly diluted mod podge and water may help it mold easier to the egg. Allow it to partially dry and then apply a coat of full strength mod podge if needed.


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