Monday, October 8, 2012

Vintage love

Pinterest. It's one of those things you just get hooked on and end up spending hours browzing before you even realize it. Obviously it's much more fun to follow other pinners who have such a keen eye for design too. 

Several years back, April and I embarked on a trip to Canton, Texas (huge market that's only open the weekend of the 1st Monday of each month).  As recommended by several other friends, we stopped by a little home decor store called Laurie Anna's. I fell in love. This is my kind of store. I wanted to pick everything up and just put it in my house because I love a good vintage look. Since then, we've made trips to Texas just to visit this little place. Following Laurie Anna's on Pinterest is almost just as fun as going to her shoppe. I recommend checking her out!

Below are a few shots of this amazing little place from the last time we were there.


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