Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

This years Christmas card.
I'm that person that has to make you smile when you open our card.  Cheesier the better.  So, this year.....I dreamed big...
My BIG ambitions were to stack them.  The little sister sitting on top of big sisters shoulders, lights wrapped around them, and holding a star on top like a Christmas tree.  All the while Big sister holding the reindeer doggy.  Sounds simple right.  Apparently, I dreamed too BIG.  After several failed attempts, we wound up with this.  All sitting SAFELY in a chair.  It still made me smile so I hope it makes you smile too.

On a side note...I wanted to send our card to the shelter where we adopted this cute little reindeer doggy, but my husband thinks they may consider this torture.  :) 


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