Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Twilight: Eclipse Party Ideas

First off, for those of you non-Twilighters, just look away....
For those avid Twilight fans, we just wanted to share a few ideas for the upcoming release of the new movie in the saga, Eclipse.

Last year several of us girls got together for a fun night out to watch New Moon. Yes there were many teens there, but we weren't the oldest in line by FAR. We all had so much fun, we vowed to do it again for the next one.

For the New Moon release we had found Sweethearts with Team Jacob and Team Edward on them. We all picked sides and it was just fun! So for this movie release I struggled to find little party favors out on the market that were "Eclipse" related. Couldn't find anything I liked in my area, so I had to get creative.
Anyway, enough of my rambling....

Below are a few little treats I put together for our group of gals.

Eclipse gum: "Fire and Ice" 
Pick your team... :) 

 And little treat bags stuffed with twizzlers
and theme-labeled.
The awesome labels are actually drink labels I downloaded from here.
(note: I cut the twizzlers in half for these bags)

Don't forget that Burger King has also teamed up with Summit
and has all sorts of Eclipse merchandise.

We will be joining in on the Movie fun on release day,
stopping in at BK for eats before the movie,
and rooting for Team Jacob!!!



  1. great ideas...but it's Team Edward!!!!

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