Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paint a Piggy Bank

Found this adorable little ceramic piggy bank at Michael's today for $3.99.
Except it wasn't this adorable.....

It actually started out looking like this.So I got my bubble gum pink acrylic paint out and started making some polka dots all over it. And I added the name with a black sharpie marker.
Then it still needed something....
It's a girly pig that needed a girly matching bow.
And that's it. Very easy and inexpensive way to personalize a gift.



  1. I want to paint a piggy bank for a friend of mine's newborn baby. What type of paint did you use? Are there any other instructions that I would need to make the paint stay on forever?

  2. The paint I used was just the $0.99 little bottles of acrylic paint you can find at any craft store. I did notice that it dried with a flat finish and scratched off the ceramic easily, so I coated the dots with a small layer of Diamond Glaze. It's a clear glue-type adhesive used in scrapbooking etc and that seemed to seal it in great and match the ceramic finish.


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